Posted by: Justin | September 14, 2007


A good friend of mine forwarded me this link. The church is obviously in a very tough situation and I side with the church on this issue. After all, this is their building and they have the right to give or deny access to whomever they want. However, it got me thinking about how sticking to principle and showing kindness can duel each other.

As my friend was commenting on it, he made the good point that the definition of love has shifted to “you can do whatever you like.” Imagine discipling your child with that view point. There are times one has to say ‘No’ out of love for the person.


Here’s an excerpt of the article:
“An Arlington church volunteered to host a funeral Thursday, then reneged on the invitation when it became clear the dead man’s homosexuality would be identified in the service.

The event placed High Point Church in the cross hairs of an issue many conservative Christian organizations are discussing: how to take a hard-line theological position on homosexuality while showing compassion toward gay people and their families.

But the dispute between High Point Church and the friends and family of Cecil Sinclair has left confusion and hard feelings on both sides….”

Update: I’m adding this comment I got from my friend Steve at

Egalitarian regarding persons, elitists regarding ideas. This mantra captures what we as Christians should seek to do and be. We must respect our fellow brothers as individuals “created in Gods image”. This very characteristic makes the just a valuable as any and every human being. However, ideas must not be treated in the same manner. Some ideas are good and some are bad. Some ideas are brilliant and some ideas are foolish. It seems that behavior branches out from ideas. Some behaviors are loving, some hateful. Some behaviors are generous while others are selfish. Finally, some behaviors are moral and some immoral. I believe High Point church made an attempt to respect the person (egalitarian) but was unwilling to embrace the unbiblical behavior. Therefore, HiPoint Church made the right decision, in my humble opinion.


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