Posted by: Justin | September 17, 2007



Way of the Master Radio posted this sarcastic Ad promoting Christianity. Sadly, this is the rhetoric many seeker-friendly churches use to increase the number of “believers”.

Have you heard this statement before? Accept Jesus in your heart, He will take away all of the hurt and pain others caused you to carry. He will give you happiness, joy and peace like you have never known. Would you accept Him today? Lift up your hand.

Usually this question is asked at the most climatic moment of the service, with the keyboard playing in the background, and the preacher speaking in a emotional tone.

A rush of emotion floods in the sanctuary, and both unbelievers and wishy-washy believers raise their hands.

What’s wrong with this picture? Was sin ever mentioned? No. Recently I went down to a up and coming mega church and the preacher at the end of the sermon said, “You know we have gone through lot of ‘stuff’…”

Sin has been replaced with a friendly term like ‘stuff’. If one really thinks about it, the gospel message is very offensive to sinners. The Way of the Master ministry gets a lot of criticism from Christians for taking unbelievers through the ten commandments. By the end of their 10 minute session with a random stranger on the street, they will have the person acknowledge in their own words that they are a lying, theiving, adulterer at heart. At that point, the person evangelizing tells the stranger how God is a just judge and akin to a judge in a court system of today, He can’t let go of a law breaker if he merely says sorry. Justice must be served. By grace, Jesus vicariously stood in our place and took the penalty of sin upon himself.

The product of a seeker-friendly church (not all, but most) is someone who doesn’t have much understanding on the severity of sin. When one understands the severity of sin, he or she comes to realize the true love of God and His sacrifice on the cross for their sins.

My intention in writing this article was not to blindly bash seeker-friendly churches, but to shed light on them and show how they can change things around with preaching the whole truth, not a sweetened version of it.

What do you think?

God Bless.


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